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Dr. Udo Fluck

Global and Intercultural Competence
Leadership, Program Development and Assessment

Experienced leader and trainer in higher education, with over 15 years in program and event development, implementation and management, fostering global awareness and intercultural skill enhancement programs in Montana’s classrooms and communities.

My Philosophy for Global Competence and Intercultural Awareness

In my view, global competence and intercultural awareness are critical skills that should be incorporated in education, in any workplace and in our society. Becoming aware of not only our own cultural values, beliefs and perceptions, but also those of other cultures, will enhance environmental, social, culturalm, political, and economic relations. When done in a professional and ethical manner, it will help us connect to, communicate and collaborate more effectively and efficiently with people domestically, as well as internationally. Global awareness and intercultural skill enhancement programs, their content and approach, should start at an early age, be comprehensive, proactive, intentional and ongoing.

  • Udo and Tibetan Monk Talking Multicultural and Cross Cultural Differences
  • Dr. Udo Fluck diversity Presentation at Montana World Affairs Council
  • Dr. Udo Fluck Presentation at World Quest 2014
  • Talking to a student during the 2011 academic world quest competition
  • Dr. Udo Fluck presenting on multicultural and diversity with class of students
  • Dr. Udo Fluck in an education setting leading a class

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  • I have never worked with a better colleague and partner than Udo.

    "No person in the State of Montana has done more to increase global awareness on the part of our high school and primary level students than Udo Fluck. In 2015, for example, Dr. Fluck’s cross-cultural and global competence seminars have expanded five-fold in just two years! During more than 45 years of previous diplomatic and now community service, I have never worked with a better colleague and partner than Udo. "

    Ambassador Mark Johnson (ret.), United States Ambassador to Senegal and Deputy Inspector General of the State Department

  • Udo’s ability to convey his subject matter and expertise is second to none.

    "In my extensive experience, there are few individuals that bring the dedication, passion, intellect, and ability to communicate the subject matter as well as Udo Fluck. I have worked directly with Udo on several collaborations, involving the Council and the University of Montana, and have been present at numerous conferences where Udo presented. I am personally aware of the many discussions with our students and schools throughout the state of Montana and have spoken to both, students and teachers, on the impact of Udo’s presentations. Udo’s ability to convey his subject matter and expertise is second to none. When it comes to helping people understand cultural awareness, there is nobody better! "

    Robert Seidenschwarz, President, Montana World Affairs Council

  • Dr. Fluck is a recognized capacity in the field of multicultural and diversity education

    "Dr. Fluck is a recognized capacity in the field of multicultural and diversity education and I am not just repeating conference introductions of him, I have observed this to be true, first-hand, when I attended the 2015 Global Competence Summer Academy, he developed and led. "

    Daniel Bognar, Undersecretary for Education, Ministry of Education, State of Hessen, Germany

  • Dr. Udo Fluck’s leadership ... is more than just unparalleled

    "Dr. Udo Fluck’s leadership in fostering an environment which recognizes the importance of multicultural understanding and respect is more than just unparalleled, it embodies a critically needed component of our national psyche in successfully meeting the challenges of our increasingly interconnected world. "

    Major General U.S. Air Force Donald Loranger (ret.), Director, Defense Critical Language and Culture Program, Specialist in US National Security Policy

  • The program Dr. Fluck has pioneered at UM would be an invaluable addition

    "As an executive of a large, multi-national business, I am keenly aware of the direct link between multicultural competence and business success. The program Dr. Fluck has pioneered at UM would be an invaluable addition to the curriculum of any aspiring business professional. "

    Christopher Warden, Vice President, Washington Corporations, Company Headquarters, Missoula, Montana

  • Over the past three years, nearly 60 teachers have participated in your training

    "We continue to be well served by classroom teachers who have developed the capacity to address multicultural and global issues because of Dr. Fluck’s efforts. Over the past three years, nearly 60 teachers have participated in your training and are now seeking opportunities to embed multicultural content into their classroom instruction. "

    Mark Thane, Superintendent, Missoula County Public Schools

  • Udo Fluck brings common-sense, practical and useful cultural education

    "Udo Fluck brings common-sense, practical and useful cultural education to folks who need to work with a wide variety of people. His certification seminars on fostering multicultural awareness, diversity and inclusion, have benefited the Police Department, Correctional Services employees, health care practitioners and business professionals in our city. His trainings focus on best practices for overcoming barriers to cross-cultural communication and dealing appropriately with the behavioral patterns of people from various ethnicities, living and working in a pluralistic, multicultural society. Udo has helped ensure that we are serving all citizens to the best of our ability. "

    Mayor John Engen, City of Missoula, Montana

Leadership Recognition

Received over 10 distinguished awards during the past decade:

Special Recognition Faculty Appreciation Award

Office of the Vice-President for Student Affairs, University of Montana


Montana Global Teacher Award

(nominee) Montana World Affairs Council, Missoula, Montana


Outstanding Service to Students Award

(nominee) Graduate School, Missoula, Montana


Faculty Appreciation Award

Office of the Vice-President for Student Affairs, Missoula, Montana


Community Recognition Award

Office of Foreign Student and Scholar Services / International Student Association


Nancy Borgmann Diversity Award

Diversity Advisory Council
University of Montana


Leadership and Program Development Experience

Director, Global and Cultural Affairs for City of Missoula

City of Missoula

2018 - Present

Missoula, Montana

I administer Missoula’s Sister-City program and help develop other cultural and educational exchange and outreach programs. I also develop and implement intercultural skill enhancement programs, focusing on cultural sensitivity training for schools, city and county employees, and other public or private groups.

For more information, please visit:

Founder and Director of Seminar Development

Intercultural and Global Competency Training and Consulting (IGCTC)

2016 – Present

Missoula, Montana

In 2016, I launched IGCTC, an LLC based in Missoula, building on the award-winning multicultural and diversity training structure, I developed and led at UM between 2004 and 2016. I am consulting businesses, developing and offering intercultural and global competency seminars.

For more information, please visit:

Director, Global Gateway

Office of International Programs, University of Montana

2013 - 2016

I managed an innovative service portal in multicultural and global education and provided training opportunities for faculty, students and staff. I provided leadership and vision for curricular and co-curricular initiatives that fostered cultural diplomacy. I developed and executed social and cultural programming and planned and promoted events that stimulated student success and retention. I collaborated with a wide variety of academic departments, to ensure global competence and intercultural awareness content and perspectives were infused in existing curricula. I advised and mentored students of underrepresented groups, participated in student orientation programming and developed and coordinated community outreach.

Founder & Director, Multicultural Learning Solutions

College of Humanities and Sciences and
Office of International Programs, University of Montana

2004 - 2013

The MLS pedagogical approach and structure were tested in pre- and post-instruction assessments, conducted in my doctoral program. The MLS learning model features flexible instructional methodologies to accommodate cultural differences in students, their learning styles and needs.

Through MLS, I designed and offered courses and trainings, primarily for students, faculty and staff at the University of Montana, with the goal to provide learning solutions that result in greater multicultural awareness and increased appreciation for diversity. This was achieved through traditional curricular and co-curricular experiences and activities.


Doctor of Philosophy

Multicultural Education and Online Technology

University of Montana, Missoula, Montana 2003

Dissertation: Development of an Online Supplement to Reduce Ethnocentrism

Master of Education

Instructional Media Technology

University of Montana, Missoula, Montana 1999

Master of Interdisciplinary Studies

International Media Management

University of Montana, Missoula, Montana 1995

Bachelor of Arts

Journalism (Broadcast)

University of Montana, Missoula, Montana 1993

High School Diploma

Martin Niemoeller High School, Wiesbaden, Germany 1989


Publications & Conference Presentations

Maintain a nationally-recognized research program. Research results in pedagogy and curriculum development have been published, as first author and in collaboration with others, in peer-reviewed academic journals during the past decade, including the Journal of Global Business, Journal of Teaching in International Business, and Journal of International Business Education.

Invited first author for a chapter in nationwide publication titled: International Students Strengthening a Critical Resource. Published in 2009 and endorsed by the American Council on Education and part of the American Council on Education Series on Higher Education.

Invited and plenary speaker at over 15 conferences in the past decade, including: Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), 2015, Montana Education Association and the Montana Federation of Teachers (2014 & 2015), Montana Business Education Association (2014), COMPASS Conference (2012), Global Conference on Education (2011), to name but a few.

Community Outreach

Connecting the local community to multicultural programing and diversity perspectives through a variety of presentations, workshops and activities for:

  • Roxy Community Theater Multicultural Film Series
  • International Friendship Program (MIFP) Evening Community Seminars
  • Montana World Affairs Council
    • Inspired Classroom Series
    • World Quest Foreign Film Presentation
    • Cross-Cultural Skill-Building for Business Professionals
  • K-12 School District
    • Diversity Seminars for Students
    • Cross-Cultural Skill-Building Seminar for Teachers

Committee & Project Leadership

Strong collaborative, result-oriented leadership and deep commitment to advancing strategic and tactical projects, related to diversity and inclusion in higher education settings, as:

  • Faculty Advisor, International Student Association, 2011-2016
  • Chair, Multicultural Film Committee, 2011-2016
  • Chair, Noon Diversity ForUM Speaker Series, Diversity Advisory Council, 2016
  • Member, Diversity Advisory Council, 2011-2016
  • Presenter, DiverseU Day, 2012-2015

Program Assessment

Gathering of information on existing programs, services and institutional practices is essential to determine, if global competence and intercultural awareness programming and services are effective and efficient. During the past decade, I developed surveys and conducted needs assessments to identify current conditions and desired directions, regarding training content and participant learning, utilizing the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) Intercultural Knowledge and Competence and the Civic Engagement VALUE Rubrics. I also collected enrollment, student performance and learner satisfaction data to track and assess initiatives’ effectiveness and to allow for continuous program improvement.


Udo Fluck

Missoula, MT


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